Lessons & Workshops

with Irena Eide


In addition to writing, recording and performing Irena Eide has been teaching private lessons for the past decade all over the Bay Area, on various instruments including guitar, piano and voice. Check out her current Fall workshops and lesson schedule below and book a lesson today!

Voice lessons

Learn how to get more vocal power and control, and find your natural voice using simple techniques, breath work and understanding basic music theory (yes, it’s actually really good to understand basic music theory to be a good singer :) and also understanding the relationship between the anatomy of your body and connection to your voice and vocal cords. We will work on mind and body relaxation, breath, fun vocal warm ups and exercises. We’ll work on a wide repertoire of songs in different styles including folk, country, bluegrass, rock, soul, jazz and work on vocal placement, phrasing, rhythm, pitch and most importantly feeling and sincerity.

Guitar Lessons

Learn open chords, barre chords,